NHS Objective 1: Through better commissioning, improve local and national health outcomes, and reduce health inequalities.

Detect, Protect, Perfect; The new landscape, driving outcomes based clinical and medicines management.

Dr Julian Brown - GP and Advice & Guidance (Eclipse Live) Clinical Lead

NHS Objective 2: To help create the safest, highest quality health and care service.

The WHO Challenge. How do we ensure our NHS delivers the safest prescribing in the world?

Carol Roberts – NHS Improvement, Medication Safety Officers Coordinator, East of England

Dr Yogini Jani – NHS Improvement

NHS Objective 3: To balance the NHS budget and improve efficiency and productivity.

Why is Medicines Management the key to delivering cost-effective and safe clinical care?

Dr Stephen Richards - GP and Clinical Director, Optum UK Ltd

NHS Objective 4: To lead a step change in the NHS in preventing ill health and supporting people to live healthier lives.

Population Health Management; Does reactive or proactive healthcare produce better outcomes?

Social Prescribing for housing

Dr Karen Strandoo - Environmental Manager, Broadland District Council

Patient500 Priority Patient Service

Shawn Haney - NHS West Norfolk CCG

Patient500 Priority Patient Service

Laura Allen - NHS West Norfolk CCG

Implementing regional proactive Prescribing Optimisation

Dr Lisa Rogan and John Vaughan - NHS East Lancashire CCG

NHS Objective 5: To maintain and improve performance against core standards.

Using computer assisted technology to empower your Patients and Healthcare Team to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Litcham Health Centre Team: Healthcare Assistant Perspective


Dr. Ian Gallen – Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist at Royal Berkshire NHS Trust: Regional Perspective

NHS Objective 6: To improve out-of-hospital care.


Utilising integrated data to improve healthcare outcomes across an STP.

Anthony Lundrigan - Chief Information Office, Norfolk STP.

NHS Objective 7: To support research, innovation and growth and to support the Government’s implementation of EU Exit in regards to health and care.


Information Governance; the key to delivering effective data integration.

Emma Cooper - PgDip Information Rights Law and Practice, Kafico Ltd.


How Medicines Management and Primary Care data can transform research, innovation and healthcare improvements for our NHS.

Professor Chris Fox - Norwich Medical School

Implementing the seven core NHS Objectives within your Medicines Management regional strategy.


Dr Julian Brown - GP and Advice & Guidance (Eclipse Live) Clinical Lead